Monday, 10 December 2012

The Inner Sanctum.

We as a tutor group, all 21 of us (25 counting Wasabi, Mr.Barlow, Toby and Lee), sat amongst the rocks and rubble of the cold, wet cave floor. The walls were tightly closed on us. Our voices echoed as laughs and giggles were emitted from our mouths. All 25 headlights were shining brightly like spotlights in a drama productions. Nature's airconditioner was cooling us down from the hot, sunny day we had seen 3 hours ago. We were now in the middle of nowhere. Slowly one by one, our headlights turned off until we reached complete darkness and silence.

It was a beautiful moment. Never had I ever experienced total darkness and silence. It was soundless and pitch-dark. As I held up my hands, I could not see them. I didn't know where I was sitting, neither did I know who was sitting next to me, who was sitting infront of me, who was sitting behind me. That was when I realised this was one of the beauties of nature, it's ability to tickle our senses. They say that when you shut down one sense, another becomes stronger. This is how disabilities work. Blind people can hear better, Deaf people can see better. There is a statement which says "Ability, not Disability."

The peacefulness of the cave was too amazing to let go of. I wanted to stay in this moment forever and never let it go. It allowed my mind to speak its thoughts, fooling me that another voice was present in the room.

The lights came on like flashes of lightning on a dark, stormy night. Nature's airconditioner greeted us with a gust of cold air, making me shiver and zip my jacket. We stepped into the hollow hole of the cave wall and left the "inner sanctum" in darkness.

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