Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Operation Requiem

Hi all,

My GC has already had 2 meetings and we are planning for a top secret, surprise event so feel free to ask me if you can join, we would love to have more people involved.

Anyways as you know, the organization we support is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sea Shepherd is quite a controversial organization to many as they take direct action to stop marine poaching. Some people believe their methods are illegal and cruel but I believe that they are only doing what they are doing to make a difference. If they were not doing what they were doing, we would never be able to solve the issues of marine poaching.

Our main focus animal of SOS GC is Sharks, and last year when my friends and I formed this GC there was no campaign for sharks yet. But finally this summer, Sea Shepherd unveiled their new campaign for sharks called "Operation Requiem". Requiem means "A Mass for the repose of souls of the dead." I am officially excited about their new campaign because we now have a direct action project our funds and awareness can support.I know many of you have watched Sharkwater in Grade 7. What did Sharkwater make you feel like? Leave a comment below on how the general issue of marine poaching makes you feel like. If you haven't watched Sharkwater, you really should watch it. It is a very touching documentary by Shark Activist Rob Stewart. The movie is about sharks and other marine animals in similar situations. You can find the whole movie on YouTube.

Until next time.


  1. Cool. Love the excitement and passion.

  2. Thank You Mr.Raisdana, It is something I am really passionate about. In fact, for Project Week in Grade 11 I plan to do something about this issue with my friends. I know that's faraway but its realistic and something I would be very happy to do.